In Production

Feature Film Synopsis – “Q”

GENRE: Musical Western

LOGLINE: A desert wanderer interrupts a funeral in a small town. The consequences of his intrusion will be felt by all.

SYNOPSIS: Our story begins with Q, a man who believes he has been chosen by God to wander the desert in search of a long lost biblical book thought to complete the synoptic gospels of the NewTestament.

He comes across a battered gun shop on the only street in a small town. Inside the shop, Matthew is holding an intimate funeral for his recently deceased wife Ellie. At the funeral, is Metis man and shop owner – Robert. Also in attendance is their mutual German friend Friedrich. A knock at the door brings the funeral to a halt and in enters Q. The men are not used to seeing new faces in such a desolate town and begin questioning him on what business he has there as he explains his story.

We follow Q through the desert in a series of flashbacks as he hungrily searches out water to stave off dehydration and confronts God at every turn. Tension builds over the next three days as Robert, Friedrich, and Matthew confront past traumas as well as their own personal beliefs while deciding amongst themselves whether Q is a profit or a fraud.

Punctuated by grand song and dance sequences, Q’s desert quest and the unfolding of the events inside the gun shop will culminate in a chaotic finale pushing the characters to their limits and leaving the audience breathless.